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A Courthouse is a place where Judges, or sometimes juries, decide if someone has broken the law.



Ever wonder what's in a Courtroom? Courtrooms vary in size and location, but most courtrooms have some of the same things.

A Courtroom always has:

Before Court you should always:

What is the Judge's job:

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Going to Court

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Courthouse Trips:

The Court is open to the public for most hearings. There will be a posting at the door if the public is not allowed. The public is invited to visit anytime, and a Court Clerk can print you a daily schedule.

Schools are encouraged to call in advance for a scheduled visit. The Court tries to make time for a short personal tour, talk, and question session with students.

The Court also offers visits for special groups and annually hosts the Japanese/Sault Ste. Marie sister-city Ryou-Cho for a visit, tour, and photos.

Feel free to contact the Court Administrator for more information on bringing your group to the Court for a visit.

Email: amikolowski@chippewacountymi.gov

or call: 906-635-6323