Pursuant to the provisions of such case made and provided, the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in special session on Tuesday, February 29, 2000 at 7:00 P.M. in the Circuit Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan with Chairman Gary McDowell presiding.

Present: Commissioners Donald Cooper, Rita Dale, Aaron Hopper, Earl Kay, Bernard La Ted Postula and Chairman Gary McDowell.

Also present were Controller Gordon Newland, Dennis Koback, E—9-l—1 Director, Scott Brand, Evening News, and Clerk Margaret L. Kaunisto.

Purpose of Special Meeting was to act on recommendations as follows:

1) Recommendations of the Chippewa County Dispatch Board of Directors are for Board actions;

a. Accept the bid proposal of Radio North LLC, Traverse City for Project Manager in the sum not to exceed $44,846.35.

b. Accept the bid of Ameritech Norstar Telephone System to provide hardware and software for the Central Dispatch Center in the sum not to exceed $13,134.21.

c. Accept the proposal of Sundberg, carlson and Associates, Inc. to provide Equis Consultants renovation design and cost for the Central Dispatch Center in the amount of $6,000.00.

After lengthy discussion, Comm. Kay moved to accept bid proposals: a,b and c, so we can get started. Motion was supported by Comm. Dale and carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

2) It is recommended that the bid of Weir Moving & Storage in the amount of $5,700.00 be accepted to move all offices of the Courthouse Annex to Jefferson School or the Ameritech Building. After a brief discussion, it was moved by Comm. LaJoie, supported by Comm. Cooper, to accept the bid of Weir Moving & Stroage. On a roll call vote the motion carried unanimously.

3) House Bill 5067. It is recommended that the Resolution 00—1 be adopted. Please note the letter to Chippewa, Mackinac and Schoolcraft County Chairpersons, which explains the bill requested by the Hiawatha Behavioral Health Authority Board. Comm. Postula can also respond to questions raised concerning this bill as well as Controller Newland.

Controller Newland explained the bill and told the Board prior to the passage of HU 5067, on April 1, 2000, membership on the Hiawatha Behavioral Mental Health Authority would consist of eight (8) members from Chippewa, two (2) members from Mackinac, and two (2) members from Schoolcraft. Lengthy discussion followed because of Chippewa County being the largest of the three counties, paying s/€ of monies and Schoolcraft only 1/6 and that Chippewa should keep the 8 members on Board, not equal representation for all three counties. Mackinac County and Schoolcraft County already voted to establish equal membership on 4—1—2000. Some Commissioners had concerns over not receiving minutes of the meetings and also a financial statement.

Comm.Postula moved to adopt Resolution 00—1 Behavioral Mental Health Authority Board Membership establishing equal membership from the three stated counties, namely four (4) members, effective April 1, 2000 with members to be selected in accordance with the agreement previously adopted between the three named counties and further, that the membership continue to be in accordance with the Mental Health Code. Motion was supported by Comm. Hopper and on a roll call vote: Comm. ‘ Hopper, Kay, Postula and Chairman McDowell voting yeas, and Comm. ‘5 Cooper, Dale and La voting Nayes. Motion was declared passed with the understanding the Board would receive the minutes and financial statements.

As there was no further business to come before the Board, it was moved by Comm. Dale to adjourn. Motion was supported by Comm. Hopper and Carried unanimously.

Thereby the meeting was adjourned.

Rsepectfully Submitted,

Margaret L. Kaunisto ,Chippewa County Clerk

Gary McDowell, County Board Chairman