Pursuant to the provisions of such case made and provided, the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, March 13, 2000 at 7:00 P.M., in the Circuit Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan with chairman Gary McDowell presiding.

Present: Commissioner’s Don Cooper, Earl Kay, Rita Dale, Aaron Hopper, Bernard LaJoie, Ted Postula and Chairman Gary McDowell.

Also present were: Joshua Geiger, Will Edge, Staci Jackman, David Carpenter, Dennis Koback, Controller Gordon Newland and Clerk Margaret L. Kaunisto.

A motion was made by Comm. Cooper to acknowledge the correspondence received in the Clerk’s office and forward to appropiate committees if necessary. Motion was supported by Comm. Postula and carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Comm. La to approve the Board minutes of meeting held on February 14, 2000 and February 29, 2000 as submitted by the Clerk. Motion was supported by Comm. Postula and carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



Mr. Ron Kilips had requested to address the Board concerning the policy on unused property, but didn’t show up.

The Chippewa County Probate Court Annual Caseload Report for calender year 1999 is included with the packets.

Rep. Scott Shackleton sent a letter regarding the naming in the National Register of Historic Places— the M—28/Tahquamenon River Bridge.

At the request of the Board, Controller Newland has been informed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office that the name previously suggested to serve on the Allocation Board is not eligible. It is recommended that the Board appoint an individual who is not officially connected with or employed by the county or local unit.

The names suggested by the Board were Ron Meister, Pat Shannon and John Sherry. It was moved by Comm. Cooper, supported by Comm. Dale, that the Controller write a letter to see if any will accept the position on the Tax Allocation Board. Motion carried unanimously.

The Board received a letter from the FIA concerning the state appointment to the FIA Board. The current state appointment expires for all counties on October 31,2000. Phyllis Pehrson is the present state appointee to the Chippewa County FIA and can reapply.

The Controller stated that he would be on vacation beginning March 22nd and will return to the courthouse on April 10th. Between Kelly, David and the Chairman, things will be covered. Comm. Kay will oversee the jail project during this time. Aloha!


Mr. Dennis Koback, E—9—1—1 Director, gave the following monthly report. He received 114 applications by the March 3, 2000 deadline for the six E—9—l—l Dispatchers and the 3 Senior Dispatchers. These applications are being reviewed by the testing company who will notify all of the applicants as to the testing schedule. The Kinross Township Hall will be the site of the testing on the four days: Saturday,3—18—OO 9:00 AM, and Thursday 3—23—00 — 7:30 pm, Basic Skills testing: and Saturday 3—25—00 9:00 AM and Saturday 4—01—00 at 9:00 AM for Phase two testing.

Preliminary Architectural drawings have been submitted to Equis Corporation (Ameritech property management company) and Ameritech Officers. A meeting with Technical Program Manager, General Contractor, 9—1—1 System Network Director, Ameritech Telephone System Personnel, OES Director Director and E9—1—1 Director is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2000. Eguis Consultants do not foresee any problems with OES and 9—1—1 Directors moving in the facility by April 17, 2000 (vacating Court House Annex date).

As you were informed previously, we are still anticipating that the Central Dispatch Center will be open around the middle of May 2000.

Comm. Dale asked Dennis if OES was moving into building with E—9—1-1. Dennis informed her, yes, as they work together so close.

Comm. Dale explained the brochure, Michigan Environmental Health Association, 56th Annual Education Conference “Beyond Borders” to be held April 12 - 14, 2000 at Kewadin Casinos, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. She invited the Commissioners to session and luncheon.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. LaJoie, allowing any commissioners to attend. Motion carried unanimously.







BUILDING, GROUNDS & JAIL: meeting held on March 2nd Comm. Kay, Chairman of committee gave the following report on the meeting.

The committee reviewed the Design Development Documents presented by Qundlach which included the Schedule, estimate, drawings, proposed bid packages; design schedule for the Courthouse Annex. Discussions were held on several of the items. The committee advised the architect to use the courthouse color scheme for the courthouse annex. Also, the committee requested that Gundlach obtain a bid estimate for a new elevator in the annex. Further, the need for a generator in the annex will be explored further with the Information Systems Director.

The controller advised the committee that the sale of $1,575,000 bonds to renovate the Annex was held on March 1. Ten bids were received and the low bid was awarded to Solomom Smith Barney at an effective interest rate of 5.024867% by the Building Authority. The bonds will mature on November 1, 2009.

The controller advised the committee of the special assessment by the City of Sault Ste. Marie, for street reconstruction, water main, storm drainage improvements, etc., for Bingham Avenue, from East Easterday Avenue to East Portage Avenue. The courthouse footage of 314.80’ less sideage adjustment of 35% or a total of 204.620’ would be $2,950.62, and the footage of 171.40’ less sideage adjustment of 35 percent or 111.410’ would be $1,606.53 (Armory Place Parking Lot).

This completed report and Comm. Kay moved for approval. Motion was supported by Comm. LaJoie and carried unanimously.

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE: meeting February 23, 2000

Comm. Postula, Chairman of committee, gave the following report on the meeting, with the following in attendance: Comm. Postula, Comm. LaJoie, Comm. McDowell, Controller Newland, EDC Chairman Earl Kay, Mr. Brawley, Mr. Quinnell, Corn. Hopper and Pres. Kathy Noel.

EDC President Noel provided the members with the C Enplanements for the years 1997,1998,1999 and January’s 2000. The chart indicated that in 1999 a grant total of 15,277 enplanements, and an increase of 5,277 over the previous year. She further indicated that funding for the years 2000 or 2001 is questionable because of issues being raised on the the federal legislation, however, the members will be apprised of the funding on a regular basis. No local match would be required on the $750,000 which would be funded based upon 10,000 enplanements.

President Noel reviewed the 1999 departure cancellations which indicates a significant improvement over calendar year 1998.

A summary of 1999 Capital Improvements, with budget vs actual, were reviewed by the members and questions answered by the EDC members. Kinross Township will provide $15,000 and A & L Metal $3,500 for the railroad rehabilitation project.

The committee reviewed the Status Report of EDC Projects with the president and entered into discussions on the projects.

A general discussion was held on airplane routes, and potential routes, and visits to airport terminals in anticipation of the construction of a new terminal building at C

This completed report and Comm. Postula moved for approval. Motion was supported by Comm's Dale and Hopper and carried unanimously.



FINANCE, CLAIMS & ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE: meeting held on March 9, 2000 Corn. Dale, Chairman of this committee, gave the following report on the meeting.

Sheriff Moran introduced Lt. Mike Hosh who assumed the position of SANE Commander in August 1999. Lt. Hosh explained his background in the narcotics program and indicated that he wanted to be present this evening to express his thanks for the support from the commissioners over the years. He indicated that he wants the past success of the program to continue. Of the 151 cases encountered some 55 were from Chippewa County with 59 arrested and 60 charges were made against the 55. The Lt. indicated that he has enjoyed working with Sheriff Moran and enjoys the program noting that the sheriff wants quality work. Comm. Cooper indicated that the Sheriff is well respected and he was nominated for chairman of the committee however, he declined because of his workload. The Bay Mills Tribe, Sault Tribe and Chippewa county all provide resources to the program. A house and garage has been purchased in the Sault which will be considered the home in the north for the program. Comm. Hopper and Lt. Hosh entered into a discussion on the dangers of the work of the program, including the policy of not using an employee in their home area. Lt. Hosh indicated he will return and make a presentation to the Board of commissioners upon the completion of their annual report.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Cooper, that the March 2000 Travel requests be approved as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Corn. Dale, supported by Comm. Postula, that the Controller be authorized to place a display ad in the Evening News, Buyer’s Guide, and Commumity Voice regarding the 2000 census at a cost not to exceed $875.00. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

The controller and finance director presented the Fiscal Year 2000 Chippewa County Budget, as amended, and responded to questions of the commissioners concerning the budget.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by corn. Cooper, that Resolution 00—02, County of Chippewa General Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2000 be adopted by the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners and that the proposed Fiscal Year 2000 General Fund Operating Budget, the Special Revenue Budgets, and the Debt Service Budgets be also adopted by the Board of commissioners. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Cooper, that the committee recommend to the Board of Commissioners that a workshop be held to discuss the various members thoughts concerning reorganization of the Sheriff Department administration, salaries of non—union positions including the Information Systems Director. Chairman McDowell thought this should go through the Personnel Committee. Lengthy discussion followed regarding “definition of offices”, those on call, elected officials salaries prior to deadline for filing for office, and various other items. The motion for the Board to hold a workshop passed unanimously on a roll call vote.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Kay, the the Board of Commissioners accept the Pay Phone Service Inmate Telephone Service Agreement Chippewa county and Ameritech for a period of nine (9) years. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. ‘s Cooper and Postula, that authorization be made to pay the following Claims and Accounts:

Vouchers 23673 thru 23986 and C—l thru C—76

General Fund $182,477.42

Other Funds 55,538.59

Payroll 372,429.62

TOTAL $610,445.63

Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

This completed report and Comm. Dale moved for its acceptance. Motion was supported by Corn. Kay and carried unanimously.

Comm. postula informed the Board that Mr. Bob Wilson’s term was expiring on the County’s Veteran’s Committee and he made a motion to reappoint him for another term. Motion was supported by Comm. Hopper and carried unanimously.

This completed reports. As there was no further business to come before the Board, it was moved by Corn. Kay to adjourn. Motion was supported by Corn. Dale and carried unanimously.

Thereby the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Margarte L. Kaunisto, County Clerk

Gary McDowell, County Board Chairman