Pursuant to the provisions of such case made and provided, the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, September 11, 2000 at 5:00 P.M. in the Circuit Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan with Chairman Gary McDowell presiding.

Present: Commissioner’s Earl Kay, Rita Dale, Bernard LaJoie, Ted Postula (arrived 5:09 P.M.), Aaron Hopper and Chairman Gary McDowell.

Absent: Commissioner Donald Cooper.

Also present were Dennis Koback, Tina James—Ojala, Don Molt, David Carpenter, Jeffrey Moran, Judge Lowell Ulrich, Ass’t to Controller, Kelly Beaune and Clerk Margaret L. Kaunisto.

A motion was made by Comm. LaJoie to acknowledge the correspondence received in the Clerk’s Office and refer to committees if necessaary. Motion was supported by Comm. Dale and carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale to approve the minutes of the August 14th, 2000 Board meeting as presented. Motion was supported by Comm. Kay and carried unanimously.



Mrs. Kelly Beaune, Assistant to Controller, gave the report.

The appointment by the County for the Hiawathaland Library Cooperative for fiscal year 2000—2001 is due October 1, 2000. Kelly asked for approval of recommendation to place ad in newspaper for this position. A motion was made by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. LaJoie authorizing Kelly to place an ad in the newspaper. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Mrs. Beaune asked Judge Ulrich if he wished to give his report. Judge asked if there were any questions by the Commissioners on his report submitted. The Judge explained the new drafting of the Prabate Code that was effective on April 1, 2000. The main objective was to streamline and simplify procedure of Probate Court revisions of Court code. The main effort takes away court time and shifts time to staff, especially the Probate Register. Now have informal procedures, if a hearing is needed, they can go into court, get ruling, and back out to finish with out Judical involvement. Just a supervised basis procedure with entire Probate of Will. Streamlined so people can bring in documents, staff can open file, acknowledge. In time should be fewer Court hearings. The Trusts and Probate section very pleased with the new code.

Next, on Controller’s report was the Sheriff’s quarterly report.

Sheriff Moran went over his report very throughly with the Board and answering all their questions. Jeff told the Board that the Red Cross is helping and trying to get a Defribulator in every car. He also stated that the State mandated a 14 day physical for inmates. These are charged to the County. On the tether report, the department has taken in over $52,320.00. If the county didn’t have this program it would have cost the county over $200,000.00 to house them. Sheriff Moran gave an interesting report on the School Liaison Officers, giving stats on number of hours they spent at each of the schools and stated they had 115 cases so far this year. Jeff also gave an update on the snowmobile enforcement and marine safety programs and the off—road recreational vehicle activity report. Comm. LaJoie asked if speed limits signs could be put up for ORV’s and if the Sheriff’s Dept. would enforce. Sheriff Moran stated he would like to see stricker ORV same as snowmobiles, but at present they just enforce the present ones. This completed the report.

Next, Dennis Koback was asked to update the Board on the E—9—1—1. He told the Board that the renovation is going very well on the building at Kincheloe. The dispatcher’s training has been completed except they have lein training next week in Lansing. All training will be completed before they make the move to Kinross. Dennis said that between May 17 and August 19th, 2000, they had received 978 call on E—9—1—1, of these 266 were Medical Service Request, 23 were Fire Department requests, 143 were Law Enforcement and 546 were miscellaneous (non—emergency).

This completed controller’s report.



Comm. Hopper had five items to present to the Board,

1) Comm. Hopper is requesting a Resolution be passed by the County in support of getting the stamp issued “Bridges of Friendship” which was approved by the U. S. Postal Service some time ago, but has never been issued. They are trying to get it moving and would like county to pass resolution in support. The city has already passed one and Corn. Hopper moved that the county approve a Resolution. Motion was supported by Comm. La and carried unanimously.

2) On information from the MAC Board, Comm. Hopper stated that the National Prescription Health Program had a lot of information and would be willing to come here and discuss with the County Board. Comm. Dale recommends that the County go with it and made a motion to pursue, either bringing people up here or having a workshop. Motion was supported by Comm. Kay and carried unanimously.

3) Comm. Hopper wanted to know if Thank You letters have been sent to all that helped with the successful MAC Conference which was held her. Ms. Beaune advised the Board that letters were sent to the sponsors of the Boat Trip. Comm. Hopper stated that everyone did a great job and was appreciated by all. Comm. Kay also thought that everyone was great especially the transportation after they got there.

4) Comm. Hopper then asked about the U. Commissioner’s Fall Conference in Manistique, deadline was Friday Sept. 15th for reservations. Ms. Beaune informed the Board, she sent memo out already making all reservations.

5) Comm. Hopper talked to John Mead and wanted to know if we could have round table discussions instead of speakers coming in. That’s the way things seem to be going.

6) The last item Comm. Hopper wanted to discuss was SB 1608 re:

Forrest Service. There is a movement to change the way the money is done which would be determental to the U. and will also affect the school funding. Comm. Hopper had sample letter to send to Sen. Abraham and Kelly has already sent out 15 faxes. There is a National Forrest Counties and School Coalition being put together to protect schools and counties.

Comm. Hopper moved to send out letters to school districts. Motion was supported by Comm. Kay and carried unanimously. Matter will be discussed at UPCAP as counties have to keep fighting to cut timber on Federal Forests.

Next the Chairman called for Standing Committee reports.


meetings August 17th and August 30th, 2000

Comm. Hopper, Chairman of Committee gave the following report on the August 17th meeting.

The first item discussed was that of the Equalization Department, issues covering staffing, hours, department personnel, township personnel and options that the board may use to alleviate the upcoming busy time for this office. Discussion concluded with the tabling of this item and having Mrs. Kennedy at the next meeting of the personnel committee.

They discussed the Controller job description next, and were agreed to use the DMG—Maximus, description, with a few changes, along with the state statutes, P.A. 156, 1851, the controller act. Completed description to be presented at the next meeting.

They tabled the request for funding from Mr. Jim Lucas, Co—op Extension Office, until Mr. Lucas would be available to speak to the committee.

Discussion on the DMG—Maximus salary study also took place regarding getting the Courthouse personnel up to the minimum salary. They needed further figures, and they tabled the issue.

This completed report and Comm. Hopper moved for approval of minutes. Motion was supported by Comm. LaJoie and Carried unanimously.

Comm. Hopper gave the following report on the August 30, 2000 meeting.

Mr. Jim Lucas first addressed the committee, discussing funding for his department, how valuable Nancy Fenlon was to Chippewa County. The projects she handles, including informational packets that they give to all enrolling kindergarten students, a new baby program to help first time partents, and, a divorce program for kids all in Chippewa County. Funding for Ms. Fenlon, will be lost effective October 1, 2000, they are seeking additional funding through the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, but until then Mr. Lucas is requesting help from the county to fund this position. The total amount requested is $22,000.00 for a 12—month period.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula, that the County fund one half of the $22,000.00 for a one year period. Brief discussion followed on the previous funding of this position. Comm. Hopper informed the Board that the State will continue to pay the benefits on this position. On a roll call vote the motion carried unanimously.

Next to address the committee was Mr. Koback, discussion included five different personnel items for the Chippewa County Central Dispatcher employees, the items included Holiday Pay; Shift Premium Pay; Shift Changes; Compensatory Time; and Regular Hours of Work.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula, upon recommendation of the CCCD Board that all full—time employees occupying a position of dispatcher shall receive eight (8) hours’ pay at their straight—time rate for holidays worked. Discussion followed on number of holidays, etc. Comm. LaJoie amended motion to read that they receive same holiday pay as Sheriff’s Department which is 10 days at their regular straight time rate for holidays worked. After further discussion Comm. LaJoie withrew his motion and moved to table until next personnel committee meeting for clarification. Tabling motion was supported by Comm. Kay and carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula, upon recommendation of the CCCD Board that employees shall receive a shift differential of twenty-five (.25) cents per hour in addition to their regular hours worked between 4:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. and forty—five (.45) cents per hour for all hours worked between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Discussion followed.

Comm. LaJoie moved to amend motion from forty—five (.45) and twenty five (.25) to fifteen (.15) and ten (.10) for shift differential, which is same as the Sheriff’s Department. Amendment to motion was supported by Comm.Kay and on a roll call vote the amendment to the motion carried unanimously. On the vote for the motion on a roll call vote carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula, upon recommendation of the CC Board that with prior approval of the Director, employees may be permitted to switch scheduled shifts, provided that the Employer shall not be liable for any overtime payments which may otherwise occur as a result of such switching. Employees switching shifts must repay time worked within thirty (30) days of approved switch date. Lenghty discussion followed on who should be making this decision, should be it administrative, why do we need legislation, or is this common sense and not for Commissioners to decide. comm. Hopper stated these things are spelled out in the Sheriff’s Dept. contract. Sheriff Moran explained to the Board how he handles these requests. Employees may agree—to trade shifts with other employees for one or more days at a time, for their own convenience, upon prior written notification, signed by both parties and then is given for approval by the Sheriff or the Undersheriff. It is understood that no overtime shall result in any way for such voluntary changes,and for overtime and scheduling purposes.

Comm. Kay amended the original motion showing written request signed by both parties with 48 hour advance notice. Motion carried unanimously on the amendment to the motion, and on roll call vote the motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by corn. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula, upon recommendation of the CCCD Board that employees who are entitled to overtime pay at the overtime rate, shall, at their option, be credited with an equivalent amount of compensatory time in lieu of money payment. An employee may bank compensatory time to a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours. Compensatory time may be requested of the Director only after earned and his/her discretion may be granted when workload and scheduling may permit. Employees granted compensatory time may have such time canceled prior to beginning such leave if deemed necessary by the employer.

Compensatory time may be acculated but must be used within the calendar year. If not used, the employee will be paid for all unused compensatory time on the last paycheck of the calendar year. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Corn. Hopper, supported by Comm. Lajoie, upon recommendation of the CCCD Board that the regular shift schedules for full—time employees shall be as follows:

12:00 AM to 8:00 AM

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

and Employees are allowed two (2) fifteen (15) minute work breaks, one in the first part of the shift and one (1) in the second part of shift, per day, which are to be taken at a time to allow for the continuous and effective operation of the department, and which shall not carry over or accumulate. Motion carried carried unanimously.

Ms. Kennedy was next in discussing the Equalization Department, this was a follow up to the Personnel Committee meeting of August 17th, 2000. Ms. Kennedy discussed the staffing, deadline problems, a possible part—time position. Discussion continued regarding these items.

It was moved by Comm Hopper, supported by Comm. LaJoie, that the recommendation of the Equalization Director be accepted to hire a part—time employee at twenty-five (25) hours per week effective October 1, 2000. That the position be paid as Clerk/Typist until new hire has achieved a state Level I, and then be paid as a part—time Data Processor.

Discussion followed on who is replacing whom or is this new hire and about present part—time employees. After discussion, on a vote, the motion carried 4 yeas, 1 nay and 1 confused. Motion was declared passed.

Discussion on the DMG—Maximus salary study as follow up the August 17, 2000 meeting took place including a break down of figures, including FICA, HERS, Workman’s Comp and Fringe increases that were put together by Finance Director David Carpenter.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Postula the following positions to the minimum efective October 1, 2000; Building Inspector, Enforcement Off icer II, Probate Register, Legal Secretary I (N. Robbins, Prosecutors Of ficer) upon her one year anniversary. Effective Januaary 1, 2001 that the Commissioners wages also increases, Chairman’s salary to $6,360 and Commissioners to $5,400 per year. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

It was moved by Comm. Hopper, supported by Comm. Lajoie, that if funding is available, and effective October 1, 2000, that the job study be implemented for all employees included in Attachment A. That the midpoint range be effective after completion of five (5) years of service, and with the approval of the Chippewa County Board of Corn. ‘s, Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

It was moved by Corn. Hopper, supported by Comm. Kay, that Secretary to the Controller’s position midpoint be $30,000 effective October 1, 2000 and that a $1,000 per month be approved for each month effective June 10, 2000, for duties performed in the absences of the Controller. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

This completed report and Corn. Hopper moved for its adoption as amended. Motion was supported by Corn. LaJoie and carried unanimously.



Comm. Kay, stated they didn’t have a meeting, but that Kelly was in contact with him daily on the renovations on the Annex. He also informed that Board that they are going to change the water main to 4’ service as this is needed for safety of all records that are going to be stored there. The cost will be approximately $10,000.00 but plenty of money in continguency to handle this amount.




FINANCE, CLAIMS AND ACCOUNT: meeting September 7th, 2000

Comm. Dale, Chairman of the committee gave the following report. It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Postula, that the September 2000 Travel Requests be approved as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Hopper, that upon clarification and recommendation of the Office of Emergency Services Board, that surplus fire/ambulance millage and OES surplus budget funds be utilized for the purchase of E9l1 services and construction of Office of Emergency Services radio tower sites. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Kay, that the request of Sheriff Jeff Moran be approved to purchase the 1998 Ford Expedition from Ford Motor Company at a cost of $12,500.00. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Kay, to approve the request to dispose of surplus generators, using a bidding process to dispose of said surplus. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Kay, upon recommendation of the Chippewa County Central Dispatch Board to approve the $1507000.00 expenditure for renovation of Building 432 in Kinross. Motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. ‘s Hopper and Kay, to approve signing a contract regarding electronic direct deposit for Chippewa County Employee payroll. Motion carried unanimously.

Discussion regarding the two Personnel committee meetings were discussed, and opinions were given regarding some individuals, their salaries and justification of the DMG-Maximus usage.

It was moved by Comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Hopper, that the following claims and accounts be authorized for payment:

Voucher Number 25677 to 25963 and 1—1 to 1—61:

General Fund $ 166,773.75

Other 254,831.92

Payroll 402,273.05

TOTAL $ 813,878.72

Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

It was moved by comm. Dale, supported by Comm. Lajoie, that authorization be given to pay the following Claims and Superior Township Water System.

TOTAL $ 405,536.48

Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

This completed report and Comm. Dale moved for approval. Motion was supported by Comm. Kay and carried unanimously.

Chairman McDowell thanked all the Commissioner for helping during Gordon’s absence. Also he thanked the Clerk and other Elected Officials as well as all the Courthouse Employees for doing a great job. It is much appreciated.

As there was no further business to come before the Board, it was moved by Comm. Kay to adjourn. Motion was supported by Comm. Dale and carried unanimously.

Thereby the meeting did adjourn.

Respectfully Submitter,

Margaret L. Kaunisto, Chippewa County Clerk

Gary McDowell, County Board Chairman