The Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, January 6, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. in the Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse.

Present: Commissioners: Richard Timmer, Ted Postula, Don Cooper, Rita Dale, James Moore, Aaron Hopper and Earl Kay

After the Commissioners were sworn in by the County Clerk, nominations were accepted for the position of County Board Chairman.

Rita Dale nominated Earl Kay and Don Cooper nominated Aaron Hopper. After calling for nominations three times and hearing none, nominations were closed and a secret ballot was cast. In reviewing the ballots, the Clerk declared Earl Kay the new Chippewa County Board Chairman.

Chairman Kay called for nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman. It was moved by Commissioner Dale to nominate Aaron Hopper, supported by Commissioner Postula that nominations be closed and a unanimous ballot be cast for Aaron Hopper. On a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Commissioner Postula, supported by Commissioner Hopper, that correspondence received in the Clerk's Office be acknowledge and if necessary forward to the appropriate committee. On a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.

It was moved by Commissioner Dale, supported by Commissioner Timmer, to approve the County Board minutes of December 9, 2002 as presented by the Clerk. On a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.


Don McLean addressed the County Board stating that with a new Governor in place there might be some changes made that will influence concerns with Hiawatha Behavorial Health. The Governor has already appointed a new director for the Dept. of Community Health which may impact the information the Commissioners received from James Haveman, the former Director, of the problems associated with Chippewa County's separating from Hiawatha Behavorial Health.

Mr. McLean was asking the Commissioners to consider separating the two parts of the tabled resolution concerning Hiawatha Behavorial Health. The portion of the resolution asking that Mackinac and Schoolcraft County Commissioners to return to the 8-2-2-representation format could be passed and action on the separation from Hiawatha Behavorial Health be tabled indefinitely. He thought this would provide some progress toward the process of making the changes necessary to improve services at Hiawatha Behavorial Health.

Commissioner Cooper asked the County Controller if by formation of new committees does this mean that all issues presented to previous committees must start from scratch or could issues be ongoing. The response was that committees or County Board could take up any issue they choose.


Mr. Dolehanty prepared a list of County Commission meeting dates for the year 2003, noting that the February meeting date would be moved to February 18 because of the conflict with MAC Legislative Conference and also that the County Courthouse is closed on that date for Presidents Day.

It was moved by Commissioner Dale, supported by Commissioner Hopper, that the Board approve the meeting dates as presented including the date for February. On a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.



Commissioner Dale questioned the Mackinac Island location of the 2003 MAC Conference. She was lead to believe that the Grand Hotel was too expensive and it was not going to be held there.

Commissioner Hopper stated that there was enough support by the counties in Lower Michigan that feel they must go there every fourth year.

Chairman Kay presented the following list of standing committees: (*denotes chair)

Finance, Claim and Accounts Building, Grounds and Jail
*Rita Dale *Earl Kay
Don Cooper Don Cooper
Richard Timmer Rita Dale
Aaron Hopper  
Ted Postula  
Jim Moore - Ex Officio  
Earl Kay - Ex Officio  
Personnel Equalization & Apportionment
*Rita Dale *Jim Moore
Earl Kay Don Cooper
Ted Postula Rita Dale
Health and Social Services Legislative & Natural Resources
*Ted Postula *Richard Timmer
Rita Dale Earl Kay
Aaron Hopper Rita Dale
Transportation Computer
*Ted Postula *Don Cooper
Richard Timmer Rita Dale
Jim Moore Earl Kay
U.P.C.A.P Emergency Food & Shelter National Board Program
Aaron Hopper Don Cooper
Addressing Board Representative Health Department Board
Don Cooper Aaron Hopper
  Earl Kay
  Bernard LaJoie

Commissioner Cooper thought the County Board By-Laws stated that three Commissioners sit on the Board of Health. He thought because Bernard LaJoie was no longer a commissioner that a position should be open on that Board. Commissioner Kay said he did not interpret it that way, but would investigate.

Board of Public Works Community Action Agency
Ted Postula Rita Dale
Don Cooper Aaron Hopper
Rita Dale Earl Kay
Aaron Hopper  
Earl Kay  
Jim Moore  
Richard Timmer  
County-City Liaison County-Township Liaison
Rita Dale Aaron Hopper
Don Cooper Jim Moore
Earl Kay Ted Postula
  Richard Timmer
E.D.C Department of Veteran's Affairs
Pending Ted Postula
Housing and Urban Development Kinross Correction Liaison
Don Cooper Aaron Hopper
Rita Dale Rita Dale
Earl Kay Jim Moore
Jim Moore  
Ted Postula  
Richard Timmer  
Hiawatha Mental Health Michigan Works
Pending Earl Kay
CC Recycling Office of Emergency Services
Richard Timmer Aaron Hopper
Rita Dale Ted Postula
Earl Kay Jim Moore
Transportation Authority War Memorial Hospital
Ted Postula Gary McDowell (Hospital Appt.)
Community Corrections Advisory Board UPRC&D
Rita Dale Aaron Hopper

It was moved by Commissioner Hopper, supported by Commissioner Dale, to approve the slate of appointments as presented. On a voice vote, the motion carried with Commissioner Cooper voting no.

Having no further business, it was moved by Commissioner Postula, supported by Commissioner Timmer, to adjourn. On a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously. The Board did adjourn at 7:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane S. Cork, Clerk

Earl Kay, Chairman