The Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in Special Session on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. in the Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse.

Present: Commissioners Ted Postula ( 5:21 p.m.), Don Cooper, Richard Timmer, Bernard LaJoie, Jim Moore and Chairman Earl Kay

Absent: Commissioner Scott Shackleton

Also Present: Tina Ojala, Marilyn McDonald, County Treasurer , Cathy Monson, Will Karr, Kelly Beaune, Assistant to the Controller, and Diane Cork, County Clerk

It was moved by Commissioner LaJoie, supported by Commissioner Timmer, to amend the agenda to include a resolution to confirm Farrell F. Elliott as the District Court Magistrate. On a voice vote, the motion carried.

It was moved by Commissioner Cooper, supported by Commissioner Timmer, to recommend approval of the following resolution:




WHEREAS, the Honorable Michael W. MacDonald, Judge of the 91st District Court, has appointed Farrell E. Elliott as Magistrate of the Court; and

WHEREAS, Michigan law requires that the District Court Magistrate be appointed by the District Court Judge, subject to approval by the Board of County Commissioners pursuant to MCLA 600.8501; and

WHEREAS, Farrell E. Elliott possess the capabilities necessary to fulfill the duties of said office.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners hereby approve the appointment of Farrell E. Elliott as Magistrate of the 91st District Court in accordance with the provisions of MCLA 600.8501 et seq.


AYES: Kay, Cooper, LaJoie, Moore, Timmer

NAYS: None


Discussion was held on the hiring of a County Administrator. Two candidates have been considered for this position, those being Christy Ryan and Joseph Bixler.

Commissioner Timmer was concerned that less than a quorum (6) was in attendance to make a decision.

It was moved by Commissioner LaJoie to eliminate both candidates and go with what is presently in place for this year and see what the budget projections will allow for the following year. The motion died for lack of support.

Chairman Kay stated that the Board had been back and forth and not had a majority vote for either candidate due to lack of having all Commissioners in attendance.

Commissioner Timmer thought that it was a matter of the philosophy of management. Should the County have a financially driven management or a managerial type of management.

Chairman Kay stated that the candidates must not be having a very good comfort level right now knowing the County Board can’t make a decision on hiring one candidate over the other.

Commissioner LaJoie expressed that the County was in good shape in 2005 with the hiring of Chuck Leonhardt from Gillette, Halvorsen and Leonhardt CPA, part time. If this part-time employment is continued through 2006 the County would save approximately $80,000.

Commissioner Timmer didn’t think this was fair to the staff to continue this arrangement for another year.

Chairman Kay stated that he didn’t think that either candidate had all the tools the county needed.

Commissioner Postula stated that a person should not be hired with a split vote. Commissioner Timmer stated that the number one choice should have a unanimous vote by the Commission.

Commissioner Moore stated that the process has taken so long, that maybe neither candidate wants the job.

It was moved by Commissioner Moore, supported by Commissioner LaJoie, to scrap the two candidates that are currently in the running and to meet with the department heads and go forward.

Commissioner Moore wanted to make sure that if this position was to go out on bids again, these two people should be sent personal letters offering them they opportunity to come back.

On the motion, all Commissioners voted in the affirmative except Commissioner Cooper who voted no. The motion carried 5-1.

Having no further business, it was moved by Commissioner LaJoie, supported by Commissioner Moore, to adjourn. On a voice vote, the motion carried and the Board did adjourn at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane S. Cork, Clerk

Earl Kay, Chairman