The Chippewa County Board of Commissioners met in Special Session on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. in the Courtroom of the Chippewa County Courthouse.

Present: Commissioners Ted Postula, Don Cooper, Scott Shackleton, Richard Timmer, Bernard LaJoie, Jim Moore and Chairman Earl Kay

Also Present: Wayne Trepanier, Lou MacDonald, Cliff Carr, Dirk Hickman, Dan Gallagher, Jesse Knoll, Derek Myerscough, Bud Willis, Debbie and Lee Freedman, Aaron Hopper, John Willis, Cathy Munson, Jeff Moran, Sheriff, Charlie Brown, Debbie Sirk, Bob Peltier, Frank Blissett, Don McLean, Rich Crawford, Jim Traynor, Martin Gaylor Jim German, County Administrator Diane Cork, County Clerk and others


Derek Myerscough – stated that he has had a wonderful working relationship with the Road Commission and thought they were very professional

Bob Peltier – works for Soo Motors and questioned why the bidding process for vehicles was not followed at the Road Commission. He also requested a flow chart as to accountability within the county departments and inquired about the proposed expansion of the County Jail and if any square footage will be included for a juvenile facility


The purpose of the Special Board meeting was to inquire about the bidding process the Chippewa County Road Commission adheres to.

In making a statement, Chairman Kay cited MCL 224.10, which in part requires the Road Commission to advertise all purchases over $15,000 and that sealed bids should be returned.

The County received complaints regarding the recent purchase of a new vehicle for the Road Commission at a cost of $37,011.66 from Newberry Motors and that no written specs were given to any vendors.

Commissioners expressed their concerns that the public perception revealed that local dealerships had been left out of the bidding process.

Lou MacDonald, Road Commission Chairperson, stated that he didn’t believe that they had done anything wrong noting that this is the process that the Road Commission had followed for many years and that the spirit and intent had been followed.

It was also noted by Chairman Kay, that he understood free gifts had been accepted by Road Commission members after purchases had been made from vendors.

After considerable discussion, Mr. MacDonald stated that they would begin updating their policies according to State law.

Discussion was held on Road Commission ferry crossings, new road construction/maintenance and out of town attorney for union negotiations.

Having no further business, it was moved by Commissioner Timmer, supported by Commissioner Shackleton to adjourn. On a voice vote the motion carried and the meeting did adjourn at 6:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane S. Cork, Clerk

Earl Kay, Chairman