A Chippewa County Board of Commissioners Goals Workshop was held on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. in the Chippewa County Courthouse Annex.

Present: Commissioners Don McLean, Jesse Knoll, Jim Moore, George Kinsella and Chairman Scott Shackleton

Absent: Commissioners Ted Postula and Don Cooper

Also Present: Kelly Church, Chuck Leonhardt, Administrator Jim German, Honorable Elizabeth Church, Ann Mikolowski, and Sherriff Robert Savoie, Under Sheriff Mike Bitnar and Cathy Maleport, County Clerk.

Chairman Shackleton called the meeting to order at 3:09 p.m. with five Commissioners present.


No Additions or Deletions

Public Comments


New Business

Future Goals of County Commission

It was noted that 54 separate items were presented as possible goals, and of those 54 goals, 37 of them received a yes of at least a four to three vote. The Board’s purpose today is to make this a more reasonable number and to put such items in order of importance.

Discussion was held concerning the condition of District Court offices and what can be done now.

The Honorable Elizabeth Church explained attrition and how it will affect Chippewa County. She added, Probate and Circuit are constitutionally mandated; District Court is only legislatively mandated. She further explained that, as long as she is here, District Court stays. If she dies, retires or loses an election, District Court is closed and assumed by the other two courts. She added, “We still need to have two full working courtrooms that can handle jury trials as the Probate Courtroom is not going to be sufficient for that.”

Further discussion was held concerning the immediate situation in regards to the empty space that can be utilized by the court.

It was questioned if we should:

1) Go ahead on getting that space usable quickly (fresh paint/carpet) or

2) Go back and decide whether we do a more major/complete job, and not spend any more money until we make that decision?

Also noted was the condition of the chimney. These issues were forwarded to the Finance meeting to be held on Thursday, October 6, 2011.

The following are the goals the Board agreed on to accomplish in the new fiscal year:

1) Continue to look into health care savings both with new employees and current employees

2) Look more seriously at imaging for the county wide offices

3) Decide what changes are to be made with District Court/City County Building and move forward with that project.

4) Look more seriously into window efficiency

5) Look at proposals in regards to air conditioning the entire building

6) Pursue GIS services in a three county shared arrangement

7) In general, do a better job on RFP’s

Discussion ensued.

Discussion took place in regards to Drug Court in the District Court. The Honorable Elizabeth Church noted that this was not ruled out by far; it was delayed due to her health and the status of the courts. They are still looking into it.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m., to reconvene into a budget meeting in the Chippewa County Courthouse, Jury Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine C. Maleport, Chippewa County Clerk

Scott Shackleton, Chairman