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The E-9-1-1 Chippewa County Central Dispatch Board of Directors has been established in accordance with PA 29 of 1994, section 320, and will be comprised of 11 members from various government representatives.  The intent of this policy board is to obtain jurisdiction representation.  The Board's responsibilities include recommendation to the Board of Commissioners concerning the following: Fiscal, equipment, personnel needs, budgetary recommendations, assist in the negotiations between the municipalities for fiscal and/or municipal interest in the governance of the E-9-1-1 Center, and such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Board of Commissioners.

Michelle Robbins

(Two Year Term/Term of Office)

Robert Savoie, County Board of Commissioners Term of Office
Jim German , County Administrator Term of Office
Mike Bitnar, County Sheriff    Term of Office
Dave Hopper, Michigan State Police Term of Office
John Riley, Police Chief, City of SSM Term of Office
Paul Baragwanath, Area Police Depts. Representative Term of Office
Ray Baker, Township Assoc. Member Term of Office
Earl Kay, Citizen Group Representative December 31, 2018
Renee Gray, County Medical Services Member by appointment
Dan Wilcox, County Fire Department Member by appointment