Missing People

Pic of Joe ClewleyJoe Clewley has been missing since 7-12-08.  Joe's vehicle was found on Tahqua Trail at the trail head to the North Country Pathway.  This is located south of Paradise Michigan within Chippewa County.  Joe has a family cabin within a mile or two of the trail head.

Joe is very familiar with the country in that area as he is an avid hiker and has used that area for the past 20 plus years.

An extensive search has been conducted with no results in the area around that vehicle and cabin.

If anyone has seen Joe since 7-12-08 or seen another vehicle or people around the trail head on or around 7-12-08, please contact the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office at 906-635-6355 or dial 911.


The search for Mr. Clewley has been ongoing from the beginning.  Several weeks after Mr. Clewley and Chip went missing, Chip returned to the Clewley family.  Chip had lost some weight but was in good shape.

Several hundred hours have been used in searching for Mr. Clewley.  The family has been a real help in keeping this investigation fresh in the minds of the public as well as this investigator. 

The latest search consisted of an entire weekend, Oct 11th/12th, using five K-9 Cadaver trained units and support staff from Mi Search and Rescue as well as Mr. Neiger and the Clewley family. 

Another extensive search is scheduled for the first weekend in November.  We are hoping to give it one more big push before the arrival of winter.

Special thanks must go out to Mike Neiger and Chris Ozminski.  They have dedicated most of their summer searching diligently in the search area.  A personal thanks to them is needed as their searching came up with some very pertinent/hard to find evidence that has lead this investigation in a certain direction. 

Mr. Neiger is a survivalist with an extensive Law Enforcement background.  His knowledge in the preservation of evidence and crime lab expertise has been a great help in the field.


Pic of Joe and ChipMr. Nieger has dedicated a search web site for this case.

The Chippewa Co. Sheriff Office would like to give a special thanks to the following:




BMPD/K-9 UNIT (officer Baragwanath)

MSP/K-9 UNIT (Tpr Bourdlais)


MI SEARCH AND RESCUE (volunteer group with Dadaver trained K-9 units)

CHUCK MCREEDY (No Boundries Maps and Graphics Inc.)



DNR (air support)

MSP (air support)

USCG (air support)